Many runners put a great deal of stock in what they run in, but the truth is often that it is what’s inside the shoe, not the shoe itself. Everyone is unique in terms of their anatomy, biomechanics and running style. There are many common injuries in running such as Medial Tibial Stress syndrome and Plantarfasciopathy, Achilles Tendinopathy to mention but a few. Many of these injuries are driven by the anatomy, biomechanics and running technique, but ultimately are experienced due to overload of the kinetic chain.


At Putney Bridge Physio we can assess, identify and manage you back to enjoying your running and achieving your performance goals.


Services offered:

  • Running injury assessment and management
  • Biomechanical assessment of how you move
  • Running technique assessment (this involves discussion/analysis with an athletics running coach)
  • Advice around programming for your running distance
  • Advice regarding appropriate strength and conditioning to minimise injury risk