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**Fees vary depending on clinic location.

45 min Initial Clinical Consultation


-Taking a detailed clinical history of your injury

-A physical examination of joints, muscle and movement

-Some treatment to begin to address the problem

-Personalised management​ which normally includes some rehab exercises

 ***If the physiotherapist feels that you need more time for your clinical review, a longer appointment may be recommended, but this will be discussed with you.

30 min Clinical Review 

-A clinical review of your Injury/presenting condition and how it is responding to your personalised management plan.

-Hands-on treatment, and progression of your personalised management plan.


60 mins  Clinical Consultation 

​Sometimes your presenting condition needs a little more time for Assessment/Treatment, and certainly if we include a detailed Biomechanical assessment.

Online Consultations

Evidence shows us that 80% of a clinician’s diagnosis is made from the interview stage of the consultation, before we have even put our hands on you. Then observing how you move, your range of movement and strength can help a good clinician formulate an accurate diagnosis. Whilst hands on work is still very helpful, evidence based medicine demonstrates that active treatment including exercise and mobilising the affected area can help restore you to full function more effectively. That’s why conducting online Physiotherapy consultations work..