Common injuries I see in cycling:

Anterior Knee Pain

Also known as ‘Runners knee’ or ‘Patella-Femoral Pain’ this is often located around the knee cap and is probably the most commonly presenting cycling (and running) injury in my clinics. There are many factors that can generate this problem, with research ultimately suggesting sudden change/increase in volume or intensity is a recurring precursor to the onset of pain in the knee.

The fat pads that sit under the knee cap and articular cartilage can become irritated causing disproportionate pain in the knee. This is in part due to the load imparted on the knee and other biomechanical factors such as hip tightness and cleat-pedal alignment to mention but a few factors. The large quadriceps muscles are the main work muscles involved in turning the pedals with the force transmitted across the Patella-Femoral joint.

3 things you can do:

  1. Increase load gradually in terms of volume of training (distance/ speed / cadence)
  2. Maintain good hip mobility/stability
  3. Check you bike set-up (cleat position/ seat position)

This pain can last for some time and it is important to get it assessed to avoid losing time on the bike, and the general pain it generates with benign day to day tasks such as climbing the stairs or squatting down to retrieve something.

Early assessment and treatment is important to avoid the knee pain becoming chronic and requiring a longer treatment plan and further time off the bike.

Jan 13 2021